Is There A Biblical Right To Divorce and Remarry?

Is There A Biblical Right To Divorce and Remarry?

I believe (and many others also – see Resources) the widely held view that divorce and remarriage is permissible for sexual sin or desertion is not consistent with the whole of God’s word as revealed in the Scriptures. Of necessity this subject will need to considered at some depth because, superficially, the prevailing view seems convincing.

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God’s design for marriage is very simple at the natural level but profound at the spiritual level. Jesus taught His followers that marriage is a life-long union, broken only by death and divorce causes adultery. He did give one exception to divorce and we therefore need to know what it refers to. This exception, found only in Matthew’s gospel, has been for many Christians the basis to justify divorce and remarriage. However it is my conviction that this exception has been taken out of context and wrongly interpreted. We cannot afford to get wrong what God has designed in marriage: the earthly type of the heavenly relationship between Christ and His Bride – the Church. So hope you will bear with me as we examine what the Bible teaches about divorce and remarriage.

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