At the time of writing it has been 19 years since my wife and I were divorced. The early years were particularly difficult but with God’s grace we have in most respects reconciled and formed a close and enduring friendship. Neither of us have remarried.

This has been a true blessing – especially for our 4 sons, their wives and now 9 grandchildren. Having witnessed the trials extended families bring, I am truly thankful that we have not had to endure such.

Had I not been convinced of the permanence of marriage and taken the advice of some that I had the ‘right’ to remarry and ‘move on’, it would probably be a different story.

So to those who are separated or divorced I would encourage you to do all you can to maintain and build your relationship with your ‘ex’. Remember their birthday, include them in your Christmas gifts, help them when they need help, keep family occasions such as your children’s (and grandchildren’s) birthdays and most importantly never deride or put them down but always speak graciously of them.

It is still my hope that one day, in God’s plan, we will be reunited as husband and wife and to God will be the glory.

If you would like an ebook version of what you have read here it isĀ available asĀ a pdf file.

Peter Miles

May 2020

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